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Project →

White Rabbit

Categories →
Packaging/Branding/3D Modeling

Year →
Spring 2022

Font In Use →
Dax Pro

Objective →
This project underscores the importance of packaging design as a strategic tool for brand communication. The objective is to visually captivate and resonate with the target audience while effectively conveying the essence of the product.

Approach →
Centered around the beer brand 'White Rabbit,' I've drawn illustrations of the white rabbit, each portraying distinct identities that harmonize with the brand's essence—fermentation with imagination. By infusing creativity into these figures, I aim to capture the brand's spirit and resonate with consumers.

Create Packaging Design for the Beer Brand 'White Rabbit,' Emphasizing the Vital Role of Packaging in Brand Communication. Visually Engage the Audience and Convey the Product's Essence—Fermentation with Imagination.

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