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Portfolio: Wild at Heart→Breathe Life into a Boundless Creations of Integrating 
Art & Design

Selected Works of Ran Weng/Visual Design/MFA/2019–2023

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Editorial Design/UIUX

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Fall 2023

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Arizona Serif/Arizona Sans

Welcome to a visual journey where creativity knows no bounds. With our world progressing as rapidly as it is, we find the lines between art and design becoming increasingly blurred. They share goals. They share methods. They share skills and knowledge. And, as new innovations and discoveries are made in each, their overlaps allow cross-pollination of sorts, with each being enriched by the other. Yet we cannot ignore what separates the two, as their very division will enable us to understand each one with more depth.

This book features a selection of my work while studying for a Master of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from 2019–2023. In this portfolio, I strive to breathe life into boundless creations by seamlessly integrating art and design. Each project is a canvas 
where innovation and aesthetics converge, giving rise to a unique blend of visual storytelling that resonates with the target audiences. From brand identities that speak volumes to thought-provoking editorial designs, my work reflects a passion for transforming ideas into captivating visual experiences. Join me on this exploration of the limitless possibilities that arise when art and design fuse in harmonious synergy.

Art Questions, Design Answers; Art Inspires, Design Motivates; Art is a Talent, Design is a Skill; Art is a Journey, Design is a Process; Despite their differences, neither can be considered without the other; nor should they be.

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