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Type Translation—The length and Width of Loneliness

Visualize the Hebrew Poem Length and Interpret the Poem's Themes, Feelings and Emotions in the Form of Type Experiments. Develop Abstract Concepts and Personal Interpretations through the Project.

Categories →
Typography/Editorial Design

Year →
Spring 2021

Fonts In Use →
Interstate Condensed

Objective →
Visualize a given poem in a language you cannot read by experimenting with the typography. The English translation will be given at the end of the class, and you may draw new connections and consider new metaphors or visual projections.

Approach →
Assigned with a Hebrew poem titled "Length" by Israeli poet Nadia Adina Rose, I attempted to interpret the poem's emotions and feelings by extending, deconstructing, and reconstructing the type. I made a bunch of variations of the type forms and cut them off the paper and reshape them into something new.

Process & Exploration

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