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Project →

Thesis Project—Beijing Echo

Categories →
Branding/Editorial Design/UIUX/
Illustration/Motion Graphics/
Augmented Reality/Social Media

Year →
Fall 2021 to Fall 2023

Fonts In Use →
Muli/Milo Serif/Nautica

Objective →
Beijing Opera, an ancient performance art incorporating singing, reciting, acting, and martial arts, faces the risk of fading due to waning interest among young Chinese. Using graphic design, my aim is to help people discover, enjoy and value the Beijing Opera.

Approach →
Beijing Echo is an organization and platform dedicated to promoting the rich heritage of Beijing Opera. Our mission is to provide comprehensive information, knowledge, classes, campaigns, and events centered around this traditional Chinese performing art. We aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for Beijing Opera, ensuring its cultural legacy is cherished worldwide and passed on to future generations.

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