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Project →

Shower Letters

Categories →
Typography/Photography/Video Editing

Year →
Spring 2021

Fonts In Use →
Akzidenz Grotesk(required)

Objective →
The goal is to explore the definition of experimentation and push the design and conceptual skills to new levels. Develop abstract concepts and personal interpretations through a selected film and a given typeface. Create movie posters and a movie trailer.

Approach →
After many rounds of type experiments, I chose the film The Pillow Book, a 1996 erotic film written and directed by Peter Greenaway, to go with the posters and trailer. I wrote calligraphy on the models' bodies and took a collection of pictures. The calligraphy on the skin resonates with the film, a melding of dark modern drama with idealized Chinese and Japanese cultural themes and settings, and centers on body painting.

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